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How it's made

There are 2 different kind of knitting machines used in the products available on the website.
The colour block products are knitted by me on a hand powered vintage brother knitting machine. I also do all the finishing, washing, sewing labels etc as it's all part of the exciting process of creating knitwear and I enjoy every stage.








The Urban Lines collection was designed by me using hand powered knitting machines and computer design. This allowed me to transfer the design to state of the art Japanese Shima Seiki industrial machines in the Textiles Faciliation Unit that is based at Shetland College, all products made are then finished by hand by myself.

Lambswool used is cruelty free and dyed before spinning using environmentally friendly dyes which allows the water used to be safely returned to the loch by the spinning mill.

Marcia galvin textile designs

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